Laughter yoga

« Amélie has always been recognized and appreciated for her joy of living, her smile and her contagious laughter.
After 5 years as communication manager in a cooperative in France, followed by 5 years of her dream job in a contemporary circus company, she allowed herself to pursue her dream to travel more and followed the signs that led her to Bali. She arrived in Ubud in 2019, for normally 2 months, and this is now her home for already 2 years.
In 2018, she discovered Laughter Yoga in Auroville, India, and fell in love with the playfulness, the simplicity and the power of it : fun, reconnection to your inner child while offering amazing benefits for your health… So she trained there as a Laughter Yoga Leader. Also Kundalini Yoga teacher and free dance lover, she’s now Joy Facilitator for French women entrepreneurs, to help them reconnect to themselves through their body, for an aligned, joyful and fulfilling life using journaling, yoga (kundalini and laughter), meditation and free dance. »
laughteryoga_Amelie 1

I feel we all need a bit more of laughter in our daily lives, and as simple as it is, laughter has huge benefits, included for our health… I talk more about it in this video, with 2 little exercises at the end.

Lots of love, and lots of laughter !

presentation for my participation at the Global Heart Dance festival 18-19 September 2021, online from Bali 🤗💛🤗